Lucia is Ana’s niece. She is in her final year of school and next year is planing to study to become a vet at university. She has been surrounded by horses since she was born and nowadays you can always see her involved with horses at the ranch where she also teaches horse riding lessons along side with her father, Dani. Dani is the owner of the stables from where we run our horseback tours. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.

Explore Spain Now (ESN): When did you start riding a horse?

Lucía: I have been riding since I was a little girl. When I was about a year old, my dad used to take me on his horse with him. Then, at about the age of 3, I started riding on my own horse under my dad’s supervision before being able to ride completely alone a couple of years later.

Lucía jumping an obstacle with a horse in Ireland

ESP: What do you like about riding the area that surrounds your ranch in Seville?

Lucía: I really enjoy the landscape and the freedom that I feel every time I am on a horseback in this area of Seville. As soon as you leave the stables on a horse, you pass a beautiful olive grove, followed by a little stream, before trotting along some very high eucalyptus trees. After that, you reach an open field, great for galloping!

Lucia and a friend at the family ranch

ESP: Where have you been riding a horse?

Lucía: I have ridden in most equestrian centres of Seville while participating in dressage competitions. I have also ridden in many areas of Andalusia and in the north of Spain, mainly in Galicia and Picos de Europa. Three years ago I spent the summer holidays working and living on a ranch that trains horses for show jumping and dressage competitions in Ireland. It was an incredible experience, and not only did I improve my English, I learnt first hand the differences on managing an equestrian centre in Ireland and in Spain.

Lucía enjoying a ride on one of her horses among some olive trees near Seville, Spain.

ESP: Tell us about your horse.

Lucía: I have 3 horses, although my very favorite is Perla, a pure blood lusitano that I have had for 9 years. I really trust him because I broke him when he was a colt, so I know him extremely well. I loved going with him alone to the countryside and gallop across the fields, but unfortunately, he has an injured leg, so I can’t ride with him as the moment. However, I love bringing him to my garden and play with him. I enjoy going on him without a saddle as I feel a real connection this way.