We bought this bag at the beginning of the summer and took it on every sport-climbing trip we went on around the southern part of Spain. We’d been looking to reconfigure our bag systems while becoming a tad frustrated with fishing around elbow deep in conventional rucksacks for gear while at the crag (and to be honest it just looked great).

The DMM classic rope bag ticks ALL the boxes. Firstly, it’s all about those loud colours for us and so we chose the bright red version. The bag also comes in a striking blue and a green – so that was a tricky decision! The DMM classic rope bag is best worn as a rucksack when carrying, but when placed on the ground on it’s back it can be opened right up thanks to its full length zipper disclosing all inside. Once closed it’s possible to fold the top and bottom ends in and clip them closed with a full-length strap.

There are also two horizontal compressions style straps that run from side to size in parallel with one another. It gapes open once unzipped allows us to view all of our gear and although designed really just for rope, we manage to fit our 60 metre rope, a rack of 20 quick draws, assorted belay devices and biners, one helmet AND shoes along side.

The bag comes with a light, but generously sized rope tarp too, which is great for protecting our rope when it’s in use, especially when there’s lots of dust and prickly stuff around. There is a small-ish zipper compartment at the top (when worn) – handy for van keys, phone, shades and the like. A cracking super lightweight crag bag but not so light that you feel that it might fall to pieces. It’s a classic. Link at the top – you need one!