Bird migration

This tour poses an amazing opportunity to encounter the stunning migration at the Strait of Gibraltar – considered one of the best places to enjoy the bird migration in Europe- and only a two hour drive from Seville. This fenomenal event takes place twice a year, from March to May when birds migrate to Europe from Africa and then again from August to middle of October when birds return to Africa to spend the winter. 

The Strait is located only 14km from the African continent and the area works as a natural bottleneck for over 250 species that participate on the migration. You will be taken to strategical sites for birdwatching, which is paramount in your success at spotting these species as the Strait is a very windy place that defines bird movement. 

What to see: Among other species, it is possible to enjoy Osprey, Short Toe Eagle, Bottle Eagle, Black Kite, White Stork, Black Stork, Egyptian Vulture and Griffon Vultures. 

You can combine this experience with a Whale watching tour at the Strait. Contact us for more details on how to extend your bird watching experience with the spotting of Dolphins, Pilot, Sperm, Fin and Killer Whales.


This tour includes a fully tailored trip according to your requirements in Spanish, English or French with a local guide expert in birds. Upon previous request we offer scope and binoculars. 




Availability: Everyday  

Location: Cadiz

      Duration: Full day (aprox 8 hours)

Best time: From October to May  

Level: All levels  

Group size: Personalised 

Price: 1-2 people £194 

                 3 people £80 per person 

                 4 people £66 per person    


    – Experienced guide (Spanish, French and English Speaker)

     – Scope (upon previous request) 

     – Binocular (upon previous request)