Explore Spain Now is committed to provide unforgettable and personalised tours. Whether you decide to horse ride, climb, para-trike, go bird watching or paragliding. With formidable expertise, we will ensure that you enjoy an outstanding experience in the heart of Andalusia.


The ranch, run by Ana´s family, is only a short drive from Seville. Exploring the beautiful countryside that surrounds our stables on a horseback is an experience that you will not forget. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, we will ensure you have an unforgettable experience riding beautiful horses in the heart of Andalusia.


We are very lucky to have great wildlife biodiversity in Andalusia, making it a prime destination for bird watching. We take pride in tailoring fully personalised birding tours within the best areas for observing birds in this part of southern of Spain.


With minimal instruction, we eill have you launched from the mountain with one of our highly experienced paraglider pilots. In just a few steps you will be airborne and absorbing great vistas, while experiencing free flight under the canopy of the paraglider. We regularly fly with vultures in the area and will send you off with video footage and photographs when you have landed as a reminder of your once in a lifetime flight.


In Andalusia we are spoilt for choice with excellent crags for both sport and trad climbing. With the weather on our side for most of the year we climb in some  of the most stunning locations western Europe has to offer. On the other hand, our Via ferrata routes provide a superb opportunity to experience exposure and climbing a rock face in a challenging way yet suited to all levels.


Ronda is a stunning town full of history and places to explore. Viewing this fabulous destination from the front seat of a para-trike however, has to be as a unique an experience  as one can get. Once you have completed a flight with our experienced pilot, you will leave us not only thrilled, but also with complimentary video footage and photo’s.